More Teatime Photos

Not enough pictures on the Teas page to let you decide? Enjoy browsing through more.

Where will you have your tea?

Dining Room Pardee Home Museum Dining Room
Dining Table Dining Table
Ready for Guests Ready for Guests
This is how your Garden Tea might look. Garden Party

What might your dessert tea include?

Tarts Lemon Tarts
Pecan Cookies Cookies
Cake Special Occasion Cake
English Toffee Toffee
Apricot Apricot Bars
Brownies Brownies

What savories might be included in your high tea?

Puffs Chicken Salad in Pastry Puffs
Tea Sandwiches Sandwiches
Phyllo Phyllo Cups with Artichoke Cheese
Egg Salad and Smoked Salmon Savories
Mushroom Mushroom Rollups
Full Plate Plate

Who have enjoyed a tea at the Pardee Home?

Dressing Up Dressed for the Occasion
Big Group Big Group
Ladies Ladies Who Lunch
Guests and Tea Ladies Guests and Tea Ladies

Many of these photos come from the Tea Time Adventures Blog Thanks!.

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