The gardens


Pardee Gardens



A portion of the beautiful garden next to the carriage house, includes a collection of amazing succulents, trees, grasses, potted plants and brightly colored purple bougainvillea.

The Pardee grounds are anchored by two large Coast Live Oak trees in the back yard, two Live Oaks and a Redwood tree in the front and a tall Palm tree, also in the front yard. None of these trees were original to the property, all having been planted by the Pardees. The grounds are separated by a fence with a more formal garden in the front and casual, informal areas in the back. As the trees grew, providing a wooded setting for the home, so did the amount of shade. Lawns and sun-loving flowering plants suffered. A chance encounter between Chris Pattillo, a well known Oakland landscape architect who had come to tour the house, and former Director, David Nicolai, developed into discussions for renovating the gardens.

In early 2000, after four years of discussions, a grant for renovation of the gardens was received from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. The plan, provided by Pattillo and Garrett Associates, was to be implemented in three phases. Phase 1 consisted of restoring the formal, front garden. Phase 2 was the casual gardens in the eastern portion of the rear yard. A state of the art irrigation system was also provided by EBMUD, founded and led for many years by George Pardee.

The garden is now taken care of by a group of wonderful volunteers as well as a professional gardening service.

Garden Gallery

Rental Spaces

The casual gardens in the rear of the house are the location for teas held in the garden, special events, a July 4th celebration, and rental for private parties.

The carriage house stands at the side of the Pardee Home property, next to the beautiful side yard garden, where teas are held, as well as special private events take place.